Accredited Testing Laboratory


"Samel -90" PLC - Accredited Testing Laboratory.

Since 2008 a testing laboratory at Samel 90 AD has been accredited according to BDS EN ISO / IEC 17025 “General requirements regarding the competence of testing and calibration laboratories” by the Executive Agency “Bulgarian Accreditation Service” (EA BAS).

Accreditation order № A 704 / 30.11.2020 and Certificate reg № 66 LI / 30.11.2020 The subject of activity of the laboratory is conducting tests and researches of the characteristics of products for resistance to the influence of external factors:

• climatic effects of: temperature, temperature shock, frost and dew, moisture and salt fog; • atmospheric influences: reduced pressure;

• mechanical effects of: vibration, IP code;

• active and passive broadband devices for coaxial cable networks;

• electrical strength of the insulation - high voltage testing of low voltage equipment;

• electronic step-down converters with constant or alternating voltage for incandescent lamps;

• light distribution, light output and luminous flux, brightness;

• field telephone; • transmitters for radio interference.

Relationships with clients are carried out by the head of the laboratory or by a representative authorized by him.

Each service is performed against an Application submitted by the contracting authority FC 7.4-1 for the performance of a service.

The application shall accurately describe the product, the requirements for conditions, methods and test periods.

The requested activity is valued according to a pre-made offer.

The test products are provided in the laboratory by the customer or sent by courier.

Each client can visit the laboratory, get acquainted with the methods, technical means and test conditions.

Clients can receive information, orally or in writing, from the head of the IL or from an authorized representative about the services offered.

The results of the tests performed are reflected in Test Report FC 7.8-1, whose form and content meet the requirements of BDS EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018

The laboratory is equipped with unique technical means that fully meet the requirements of standardized test methods in the declared range.

They are constantly maintained and updated in accordance with current Bulgarian and international standards.

The staff of the laboratory is highly qualified, with extensive professional experience.

The qualification is maintained continuously through qualification courses.

All activities performed by the laboratory are subject to Bulgarian legislation, regulations and standards applicable to the scope of the laboratory.


Testing laboratory at Samel 90 AD, Samokov

Eng. Ulyana Savova - Head of the laboratory

office tel .: (+359722) 68201 internal 314

mobile phone: (+359) 887 266 466.


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