Participation in OPIC procedures of Samel - 90 AD


Participation in OPIC procedures of Samel - 90 AD:

  1. BG16RFOP002-1.005-0351- Operational Program "Innovation and Competitiveness" 2014-2020 entitled "Development of an innovative autonomous system for the production of hydrogen-oxygen mixture using alternative energy for the needs of industrial boilers"

Joint R&D projects with the exception of OPIC / Projects with a partner regardless of whether national or international /:

  1. NIF 7th session "Development of Sband power amplifier for radar stations for air traffic control and meteorological radars" - Contract № 7IF-02-20 dated 28.07.2014.
  2. NIF 7th session "Development of an innovative hydrogen-based heating system" - Contract № 7IF-02-21 dated 28.07.2014
  3. NIF 9th session "Development of innovative composite ceramic material with application in mechatronic systems" (BACKEM / MIKKEM), in partnership with Spesima Ltd. - Contract № 9IF-02-6 dated 28.11.2018.
  4. NIF 11th session "Pizoelectric micro-electric generator with electrostatically controlled super-capacitor structures", in partnership with "Danov Consult" EOOD - Contract № 11IF-02-9 / 02.12.2020.
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