Steatite ceramics


Samel-90 PLC produces steatite, steatite ceramic, ceramic materials. Steatite ceramic products are intended for manufacturing of different assemblies, induction coils and other products for the electrical industry. The steatite products have unique electrical, physical and mechanical properties allowing its use for a wide variety of assemblies, ceramic electrical insulators, induction coils, etc.

Electrical, Physical and Mechanical Parameters Value

  1. Density ρ, not less than 2800 Kg/m³
  2. Water absorption W, (%) 0,00 %
  3. Relative dielectric permeability, not more than 7,5
  4. Tangent of the angle of dielectric loss [tg (δ)] at 1 MHz, at T 25 °C ± 10° C, not more than 0,001
  5. Strength at static pressure (σ or), not less than 20 kW/mm
  6. Strength at static pressure (σ or), not less than 1300 kg/sm²
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