Injection Molding Process

At Samel-90 PLC, we have the technological capabilities for manufacturing bakelite, plastic and rubber products using injection moulding. The process is fast and very efficient in order to produce large quantities of identical items from high precision engineering components to various civil consumer goods.

We can manufacture a range of injection moulded products to serve both military and civil industries.


  • Hydraulic pressmashine for processing thermoactive plastic with a pressure of 12 to 400 tons.
  • Schprizguss-mashine for die casting thermoactive plastic up to 230 grams.
  • Rubber Schprizguss-mashine of the type REPM -40 with a maximum weight of 1000 grams per 400 cm3.

Technological processes:

  • Direct and transfer casting of bakelite moulding powders with mineral and fiber fillers.
  • Die casting thermoplastics: polyethylenes, polypropylenes, polystyrols, polyamides, polycarbonates, polyacetates.
  • Pressing and injection molding of silicone, cold- and oil-resistant rubber mixes, based on silicone rubber, natural and syntetic polychloroprene rubbers, nitrile rubbers and others.


  • Electronic products details with specially purpose.
  • Electronic transformer's corps.
  • Bodies for ferrite cores.
  • Bakelite and rubber washers for grinding.
  • Plastic and rubber details for lighting.
  • Plastic details for radar systems.
  • Washing mashine's sealants and others.