Die Casting Tools Technology

At Samel-90 PLC we specialise in creating products using our die casting technological capabilities. We provide high quality aluminum and other alloys die castings at competitive prices.

The process allows complex parts to be made in a cost efficient way. We can create parts with various shapes, dimensions and weight. Different alloys can also be chosen depending on the application and working environment of the product.

Die casting process

  • Used material: aluminum alloy/AlSi12 (Cu), AlSi9(Cu), DIN 1725 and zink alloy ZАМ4-1, Bulgarian Standard 9802;
  • Die casting mashine with cold chamber of pressing by horizontal type: MB160t.; MB250t, Polak 250t" ; MB400t and " Polak 250t" -vertikal;
  • Gaz Chamber MKV MORGAN for aluminum alloy with capacity of 200 kg.
  • Produced casting, who's weight is on 0,010 kg. to 1,5 kg with maximum dimensions 200х200 mm.
  • Die casting is for civil and speciality production.
  • Heating radiators.
  • Lighting.

Metal working by cold pressing

Processing with following mashines:

  • Excentre presses 25-160 tons for processing of metals and non-metals.
  • Knife guillotine and Riz mashine for cutting out of sheet materials up 6mm.
  • Circle-vibration grinding mashine KROMAS VRM with dryer KROMAS VMK.
  • Vibrational rattle barrel  - for castings, mechanical and punching castings, mechanical and punching details.
  • Sand blaster - manual and automatic.