“Samel-90 AD has developed and implemented in production a range of ultraviolet lamps (UV) for disinfection against viruses, microbes and bacteria. The lamp is used air disinfection. In the body of the lamp are integrated LEDs that emit light with a wavelength of 270 nanometers (nm), which effectively destroys - up to 99.9% of microorganisms, including viruses and spores carried in the air. The housing of the lamp is made of extruded aluminum, which is anodized and painted to protect against erosion. With the help of a fan, the polluted air is sucked into the lamp housing and the purified air is expelled into the room where the lamp is installed. The lamp is designed for use in hospital rooms, operating rooms, clinics, laboratories, pharmaceutical and food industries, offices, retail outlets, schools, kindergartens, public buildings, office space in urban and interurban transport, homes and more. See our brochure for more information. Receive your personal offer, depending on your needs. We are expecting you!

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