Mobile RCIED Jammers


Mobile IED Jammer is used for protection of cars and/or small target objects.

Jammer: The Jammer operates in such a way that it blocks the signal of the receiver. The IED (improvised explosive device) cannot detonate when the receiver’s signal is blocked.

The IED Jammer works in different frequency modes. We utilize barrage jamming and sweeping techniques to provide for good quality Jammers.

Samel 90 PLC can provide customization of various IED jammer solutions based on customer specific requirements and applications.

The purpose of the Mobile IED Jammer, Vehicle IED Jammers and Portable IED Jammer is to ensure protection against radio-controlled improvised explosive devices RCIED. The IED Jammer consists of different number of jamming modules that operate independently. The modules jam frequency bands with different bandwidth. Depending on application IED jamming modules are integrated in different types of casings.


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