Field Telephone Sets


The field telephone is designed for connection to switchboard or automatic telephone exchange over normal two-wire line. The field telephone can operate in motor or armored vehicles, as well as in field environment. TAP 2000 and TAP77.

TAP - 2000

The Field Telephone Set TAP 2000 is designed for connection to switchboard or automatic telephone exchanges over normal two - wire line. The telephone set could operate in "local battery" (LB) or "central battery" (CB) mode and also in automatic central battery (ACB) mode with pulse (DP) or frequency (DTMF) dialing. When the field telephone set operates in LB mode a DTMF dialing is possible.

The power supply of the field telephone set in LB mode is made by standart dry cells or by 12 VDC external current sources.

Functional capabilities:

  • Disconnection of the communication line when handset is on hook
  • Switching on and off of the current supply when the handset is offhook or on hook
  • Audio and visual signaling when there is an incoming call
  • Control and signaling for short circuit or disconnected line when sending an outgoing call in LB mode
  • Visual signaling for discharged current source

Electrical capabilities:

  • Operation over two - wire line with attenuation up to 44 db for frequency of 800 Hz
  • Frequency range from 0,3 to 3,4 kHz
  • Call signaling with frequency of 252 Hz and no load voltage from 80 Veff to 100 Veff not less than 70 Veff at 10 k load and not less than 50 Veff at 3 k load
  • Protection against over voltage and atmospheric discharge

Environment and mechanical parameters according MILSTD 810

  • Operating temperature from minus 30 °C to 55 °C 
  • Storage temperature from minus 40 °C to 55 °C 

Dimension 240 x 95 x 115 mm

Weight 1.2 kg

TAP 77 Field Telephone Set

The field telephone set TAP 77 is designed for two-wire telephone communication between all military controlling units, using either telephone channels with tonal frequency or physical circuits. The telephone set is using “local battery” system. If necessary , it can operate with CB ( “central battery”) switchboards and with an automatic exchange using a separate telephone dial. This is a field telephone and it can operate both in motor and armoured vehicles, as well as in fixed position.

Even in the coldest winter and in the hotest summer you can rely on TAP77!

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