What is the application of magnetically soft ferrite's ?

  • Magnet leads of inductive coils.
  • Transformers.
  • Mid-frequency amplifiers.
  • Converters and other radio-technical equipment.
  • Antenna devices for radio transmitters and receivers.
  • Transformers of equipment for cable connection.
  • Coils for flickering circle.
  • Filter with intermediate frequency in radio receivers.

Closed production cycle: From basic oxides to final product.

We have presses "Dorst", tunel and gas furnaces for roasting - "Ried Hummer" and "Linn", without center and flat grinders. This allows manifacturing of varios configurations, according customer requirements.

55 years experiance of ferrite manifacturing is guarantee of their quality.

Possibility of manifacture of configuration's different types from the catalog, according customer requirements. 


1. Ferrite Toroid

Samel-90 PLC manufactures ferrites, ferrite components, cylindrical ferrite core, balancing transformer ferrite, ferrite core – pot, ferrite core – tube, ferrite core – tuning, ferrite – antenna, ferrite core – cup, ferrite toroid, E core. Custom design Ferrite Components.

2. Ferrite Core

Ferrite tube cores are used for antenna devices, permanently and desktop radio receivers, guiding antennas, drossels coils and upgrating cores on cupped ferrites.

3. Ferrite Transformer

Ferrites - symmetrical transformers ("balun" transformers). Their application is coordinated of a diple antenna to a symmetrical input.

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