Jammer Solutions, Military Equipment, Surveillance Systems

The purpose of the mobile jammer, manpack jammer and portable jammers is to ensure protection against radio - controlled improvized Explosive devices (RCIED). Jammer solutions can protect groups of moving objects, groups of people, cars and other small area targets. The jammer consist of different number of transmitting modules that operate independently. The jammer modules jam frequency bands with different bandwidth. The jammer components are integrated on one mechanical frame and they can be controlled by a remote control ( by cable).

The jammer has an internal protection system, which ensures its reliable operation. The jammer system monitors the operation modes of the transmitter modules and the normal emission of the corresponding antennas. If the operation modes are changed suddenly and to unsafe values ( for example from a broken antenna, no cooling, etc.) the protection system shuts down the corresponding jammer module.

The jammer indication system shows the operator if the system is working properly. It monitors if the power supply is normal, if the modules are ready for work and if the high - frequency energy is transferred to the jammer antennas. The jammers are designed according to the NATO MIL810F standard.

The security of the working personnel is guaranteed according to the Bulgarian standarts BDS17137 - 90, European Union SAR and the NATO standart STANAG 2345.