Cable Harnesses


Since the very beginning of the creation of Samel-90 PLC, the company concentrated on manufacturing of Field telephone sets, VHF Portable Radios and Cable Harnesses. The first cable harnesses were used for the telecommunication and radio equipment. Later the manufacturing of cable harnesses was expanded to cover cable harnesses for command post vehicles and cable harnesses for other specialty products manufactured in Samel-90 PLC.

After 1990, when Samel-90 PLC began to manufacture commercial consumer goods it expanded the cable harness production range to various combinations to be used for the wide range of commercial products.

For 12 years Samel-90 PLC manufactures cable harnesses for navigation systems and during the last couple of years we manufacture cable harnesses for Jammers.

We manufacture cable harnesses as a sub-supplier for various custom demands for other manufacturers. You can outsource your cable harness demand to us!


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