55 years of "Samel 90" - Dreams come true

Today the company "Samel 90" celebrated its 55th anniversary. The company flag was lit at a touching celebration and commemorative certificates were presented to the long-term employees of the company and its management. Today, October 4, 2019 Samel 90 AD - one of the emblematic and operating companies in the region celebrates its 55th anniversary. The stories of hundreds of Samokov families are intertwined with the former Hristo Nikov factory or the Radio Factory, as many call it. Some still remember and participated in the construction of the enterprise - stone by stone, brick by brick. Since then, a lot of water has flowed, many governments have passed and gone. The former Radio Factory, to which several buses traveled every morning, today continues to exist as a modern company. Five years ago, his half-century anniversary was celebrated in Arena Samokov. The event became a celebration for the whole city, as it was five years later. 

The celebration marks the final celebrations on the occasion of the 55th anniversary. We recall that it was marked by a series of events. The winners of the announced competition for an innovative product, idea and business project received their awards, well-deserved recognition and applause. The idea for a multifunctional bench, proposed by Eng. Hristo Markov, received BGN 1,000, the second position remained for the technological innovation developed by Eng. Georgi Yonchev, and the third for the charging column of an author team led by Eng. Staniela Mincheva. The other participants received incentive prizes of BGN 100 and BGN 200. It was announced from the improvised stage that each worker will receive a one-time additional remuneration of BGN 55 on the occasion of the anniversary. Awards and well-deserved recognition were given to six of the long-term employees in the enterprise - Ivan Dimitrov, Vasil Nikov, Stoyan Popov, Yordan Shtupalov, Hristo Gruev and Mitko Pirgov. There were also plaques for the other employees and workers. Under the sounds of the Bulgarian anthem and the flag of the factory, which was solemnly lit, those present wished many more future successes. 

Greetings were presented and long-standing workers were honored. "We continue to move forward despite the difficulties and this is thanks to the joint efforts," said in his address, Eng. Petar Georgiev. He recalled moments in the history of the company. It was established in 1964 as part of the DSO "Electron" - Sofia. A total of 27 plants throughout Bulgaria - Sofia, Pleven, Gotse Delchev, Varna. "Only we survived" - commented Eng. Petar Georgiev, adding that the company has prospects and tries to stay on the crest of the wave with new products - for special and civil production "- he added. "Not only for Samokov, for Bulgaria this is a remarkable anniversary," said Vl. Georgiev. 

In the evening in Arena Hall, on the occasion of his birthday, "Samel 90" made a wonderful concert of the trio "Unique Voices" and Veselin Marinov. In front of the crowded hall, Mayor Vladimir Georgiev presented a specially made honorary plaque to Eng. Petar Georgiev with gratitude for the investments made in the municipality of Samokov and supporting the development of basketball in Samokov. BSE Chairman Georgi Glushkov presented a golden basketball and a jubilee badge "100 years of basketball in Bulgaria". Such a badge was also presented to the long-time coach Ani Rudeva.