Light 2018 Warsaw

Trade Show LIGHT and Trade Show ELECTRICITY are the most important events in Poland in terms of lighting, electrical engineering and electrical installations. This is where producers showcase their innovative products, solutions and technology. Both events have the training and exhibition formula - trainings, seminars, conferences and workshops are closely connected with the presentation of the equipment and the up-to-date technology and design. Numerous competitions have been organized at this year's Trade Shows and prestigious prizes and awards, among them the fair awards, the Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers awards and the 2016 Personality of the Year Award in electricity, electrical engineering and lighting sector. This event was accompanied by the 2016 Best Polish Illuminated Cities and Municipalities Project Competition and the Best Lighting Investment of 2016. Both Trade Show LIGHT and Trade Show ELECTRICITY provide practical knowledge in the field of lighting, electrical engineering, teletechnical installations and building regulations and are the best in the country for business meetings, exchange of experience as well as the platform for establishing new business contacts.

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